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The 63 best Bootstrap scripts

This is a live customizer for Bootstrap where the results of the edits are visible live on the page. It generates the customized bootstrap.css file and the variables.less file.

Free admin template that includes many pages and examples based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.x.

Fuel UX By: ExactTarget
Free MIT

Extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. Easy to install, customize, update, and optimize.

A full view template based calendar for Twitter Bootstrap.

An advanced file upload control built to work with Bootstrap 3 and 4. It offers preview (images, text, html, video, audio, flash and objects), includes AJAX based uploads, drag 'n drop, upload progress, and selectively previewing, adding, or deleting files, and is multi-language. We definitely award it 5 stars for excellence.

A jQuery-based plugin for Twitter Bootstrap used to style select file fields of forms.

A generic admin theme built with Bootstrap 3 free for both personal and commercial use.

Summernote By: Alan Hong
Free MIT

Easy WYSIWYG editor for Bootstrap. Integrates with any back-end technology such as node.js, PHP, etc.

A nice collapsible menu for jQuery. Bootstrap is optional.

A customizable HTML5 video player plugin for jQuery based on Bootstrap UI.