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A flexible, customisable form framework for Backbone.js applications. Offers simple schema definition to auto-generate forms, validation, nested forms, advanced and custom editors (e.g. NestedModel, List, Date, DateTime)and custom HTML templates.

jQuery Elephant By: Don Burks
Free MIT

A jQuery plugin enabling localStorage to retain form values across page loads.

36   1296 # form # plugin # jQuery
JBootValidator By: Ben Kiefer
Free MIT

Uses the HTML5 required and pattern attributes to do validation when the browser does not support these features.

iCheck By: Damir Sultanov
Free MIT

Super customized checkboxes and radio buttons for jQuery and Zepto with 32 options, 11 callbacks and 9 methods.

FormToWizard By: Janko Jovanovic

Turn any webform into a powerful wizard with jQuery.

Converts HTML forms into JavaScript objects. Adds the method serializeObject to jQuery to perform complex form serialization into JavaScript objects.

25   1058 # form # JSON # serialize

Script that shows and hides form fields based on user actions.

27   891 # hide fields # form

Pure CSS retina optimized custom checkboxes and radio buttons.

26   830 # form # CSS

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